Working in Rancho Cordova

If Rancho Cordova is your home between 8-5 Monday through Friday, we are very glad you’re here.  You join a workforce of over 50,000 people that drive into Rancho Cordova for work every day.

As a new hire to one of our Rancho Cordova businesses, you have a special gift waiting for you! We’d be delighted to drop off a welcome bag just for you with information about what to do in Rancho Cordova during your lunch hour and after hours. Our welcome bags include special welcome gifts from businesses and organizations right here in Rancho Cordova.


We would like to personally welcome you and your employees to Rancho Cordova with a fun information welcome bag!

Contact us to either:

  • Drop off welcome bags for you to give your new employees during the onboarding process.
  • Ask us to host an information table in your office or give a brief presentation about Rancho Cordova to your management team, human resources department, or staff. We promise to bring some lively fun to your business site while letting your team know what Rancho Cordova has to offer.

Interested in any of the above? Contact us to find out how to get started!

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